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Unlocking Success: The Stockton Group's Approach to Vail Valley Real Estate

Bari Wiens


The Stockton Group is a premier real estate team serving the Vail Valley in Colorado.
Tye Stockton, founder of The Stockton Group, provides insights into the team's formation, approach, and dedication to excellence in the ever-evolving world of real estate in Vail, Beaver Creek, and Bachelor Gulch. Join us as we explore the reasons behind the team's success and its commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients throughout the valley.

Q: What prompted you to form a team rather than work solo?
After relocating to Vail 33 years ago from my career on Wall Street in New York City, I noticed the real estate industry here was less evolved. Many agents were shouldering the complexities alone. Recognizing the need for support, I decided to create a team approach with The Stockton Group.

Q: Can you explain the structure of your team and its benefits?
Absolutely. We operate with multiple layers of support for our clients. Firstly, we have a dedicated Director of Marketing, Bari Wiens, who handles everything from staging homes to coordinating with photographers and managing social media. Then, our inside sales manager, Jen Wanner, acts as a quarterback, ensuring smooth deal flow and follow-up. Additionally, my right-hand associate, Chip Sloneker, ensures no detail is overlooked. We also have licensed real estate brokers, Patrick Barrett and Jon Simpson, on hand to support showings and assist clients when needed.

Q: How does your team ensure operational efficiency?
We have a dedicated Chief Operating Officer, Arianna Butler, who oversees all operational aspects, supporting our sales and administrative staff. This ensures that every morning, we have a clear game plan for success in serving our buyers and sellers.

Q: How does your team's structure compare to your experience on Wall Street?
Similar to my experience in finance, our team operates with specialized roles, allowing us to focus on serving our clients effectively. This structure ensures that we're always forward-facing and attentive to our clients' needs.

Q: What sets The Stockton Group apart from other real estate teams?
Our multi-layered approach ensures that every aspect of the real estate process is handled with precision and care. We prioritize being present and available for our clients, ensuring they receive the highest level of service and support.

Q: How do clients benefit from The Stockton Group's multi-layered approach?
A: Clients often express appreciation for the level of support and attention they receive from our team. They feel valued and supported throughout the buying or selling process, ultimately leading to favorable outcomes such as securing the best deals for buyers and breaking records for sellers in terms of price and time on the market.

Q: What is The Stockton Group's mission moving forward?
A: Moving forward, we aim to continue exceeding client expectations and setting new standards of excellence in the real estate industry. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and achieving outstanding results for all our clients.

Expect more with The Stockton Group.

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The Stockton Group is an extraordinary team offering in-house marketing services to their clients.

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