Beyond Fortunes: Mapping the Global Billionaire Landscape

Beyond Fortunes: Mapping the Global Billionaire Landscape
Explore billionaires by the numbers with an in depth analysis of global wealth. Through this data driven review of the ultra-wealthy, we unveil the landscape of this elite network and insights from across the globe.

North America still retains its status as the leading billionaire region with 32% of global share

  • The North America billionaire population fell for the first time in four years.

  • Asia recorded largest fall in billionaire numbers and wealth of any region in 2022

  • Europe's billionaire population declined by 2.2%

Singapore made the strongest gains in billionaires, now home to 54 (vs. North America’s 1,011).

  • Top billionaire cities in the US include NY, SF, LA, and CHI

  • Top billionaire Asian cities include Hong Kong and Beijing

  • Top billionaire positions are held by US, China, Germany, UK, India, and Russia

  • Top billionaire cities nationwide include NY, Hong Kong, SF, Moscow, London, Beijing, and LA

Those with wealth in aerospace, defense, construction, engineering, and food & beverage showed growth despite the overall decline

  • Billionaires in tech, healthcare, and real estate lost more than 5% of their wealth in 2022.

2022 brought with it the first annual decline in the billionaire population since 2018 (1).

  • Billionaire population fell by 3.5% to 3,194 individuals

  • Total wealth declined by 5.5% to $11.1 trillion

  • This was the second largest annual fall in the past decade, partially due to a double digit surge in 2021

  • The fall is likely due to our emergence from the global pandemic, the new war in Europe, general inflation, and deepened US / China tensions

(1) Billionaire Census 2023; Altrata




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